Gadens Intern News - February 2017

Brad Marland, Partner, Brisbane

Gadens currently employs 4 Indigenous interns through a 10x10 partnership with CareerTrackers – a national non-profit organisation which creates internship opportunities for Indigenous university students. Gadens has an extensive history committed to reconciliation and creating professional opportunities for Indigenous interns and cadets.

Liam Roberts, Suzie Howard, Mikaela French and Kathryn Dorante are currently employed as Indigenous interns in the Litigation, Financial Services Recovery, Banking and Finance, and Business Support Services departments respectively.

This month’s Intern News will explore each intern’s Indigenous heritage (refer to map).

Liam Roberts

I am a proud Aboriginal man.  My family come from a town called Mungindi on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.  Our people are the Kamilaroi nation where the traditional language is Gamilaraay. The Kamilaroi nation is one of the largest indigenous nations of Australia and spans from Singleton to Nindigully.

Suzie Howard

My heritage stems from the Torres Strait Islands and Papua New Guinea. My mob is from Saibai Island which is very far North Queensland and only 4 kilometres from PNG. The language spoken is Kalaw Kawaw Ya and the totem is a snake and crocodile. I have had the privilege of travelling around the Pacific and Torres Strait Islands when I was younger due to my father's work. I was born in Mount Hagen, PNG and spent some of my infant years living in the Highlands. I then moved to Thursday Island and then the Cook Islands before coming to Australia to commence my schooling.

Mikaela French

I am a proud Torres Strait Islander from Mabuiag Island. My tribe is the major tribe of Wagadagam which resides on the northwest side of the island. My tribal wind is the northwest wind, my tribal constellation is the shark (baithum) and my major tribal totem is the crocodile (koedal). My cultural language is Kala Lagaw Ya. As a child I grew up mainly around Horn Island, Thursday Island, Prince of Wales and Badu Island, where I learnt cultural traditions passed on by my family from our ancestors. 

Kat Dorante

I am a proud Torres Strait Islander woman and my Indigenous heritage stems from my father. The family of my Aka (grandmother) originates from Moa Island where the totems are a pigeon and crocodile. My Athe’s (grandfather’s) family originates from Hammond Island where the totem is the hammerhead shark. I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by passionate family members who teach me about my Indigenous culture and heritage.





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