Gadens' first public report on sustainability

We are proud to introduce Gadens’ first public report on sustainability.
This report has been created in response to our firm’s recognition that our enduring success requires economic growth that both protects and promotes social equity and ecological sustainability. Our sustainability program encompasses this philosophy in the four spheres in which we operate including our workplace, the marketplace, the community and the environment.  Many of the programs and initiatives that make up our sustainability program, discussed in this report, have developed organically over several decades, such as our support of the arts, which has grown and evolved since the 1960s.
We understand that improving our firm’s sustainability is an ongoing process, as is reporting on our progress. As this is our first attempt at public reporting, we have limited its scope to our Sydney office. However, with the valuable experience we have gained from the process, we look forward to being able to expand its scope to our other offices in the future.  This report is aimed at providing an overview of our sustainability program, a transparent account of our Sydney office’s performance over the past financial year and our objectives over the next year.
Click here to view Gadens' Sustainability Report.


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