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Gadens recognises that our enduring success requires economic growth that both protects and promotes social equity and ecological sustainability.


Diversity and equality

We engage with all of our people to create an environment that promotes individuality and diversity while instilling pride in the firm and our values. Our values and culture assist us in creating a cohesive environment in which we are committed equally to professionalism and personal fulfilment. We are committed to equality in the workplace, and we are focused on achieving gender pay parity as part of our focus on gender equality.

We also recognise that our people may seek to work flexibly at various stages of their lives for a variety of reasons including family responsibilities, study, health, phased retirement or participation in community and volunteering activities. Our flexible work arrangements allow for changes to the time, location and manner in which a person works. Leading by example, 21% of our partners are on part-time / flexible work arrangements.

Corporate social responsibility

We strive to create a culture where the principles of sustainability and sound corporate responsibility are embraced and lived by our people every day.

Enhancing access to the legal system

As a law firm, our privileged professional standing confers a responsibility to contribute to the general betterment of our community, and this includes our professional and ethical responsibility to enhance access to the legal system. We have a responsibility to assist disadvantaged and marginalised people within the communities in which we live and work, enhance access to the legal system and embrace the concept of corporate social responsibility. 

We are a signatory to the Australian Pro Bono Centre's Aspirational Target which encourages lawyers to subscribe to a voluntary target of 35 hours of pro bono work per lawyer per annum. Accordingly, we encourage our people across all areas and levels of the firm to proactively undertake pro bono work and participate in community assistance initiatives.

Assisting disadvantaged and marginalised communities

We are committed to various community assistance initiatives aimed at engaging with, and giving back to, the local communities within which we live and work. We encourage our people to participate in projects that they feel are worthwhile, and where appropriate the firm looks to provide additional support these initiatives by organising group attendance, donating supplies and / or providing direct financial support. Such initiatives provide our people with an opportunity to participate more broadly in our corporate social responsibility program.

Environmental management

We recognise the importance of fostering sustainable communities, as well as minimising our impact on the environment and taking responsibility for our environmental footprint. We are a member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA), an industry-led association that works collaboratively to promote sustainable practices across the legal sector. In addition, we work closely with our landlords and building management to consider ways in which we can further reduce our environmental footprint.

We will continue to build on our foundations and strive to continually improve our delivery of sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders in our business.

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