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Charities and not-for-profit

With the always-evolving legislative and regulatory environment and fluctuating economic conditions, the demands upon charities and not-for-profits to work even more effectively and efficiently are only becoming greater.
Practical solutions for all matters
To support charity and not-for-profits in this increasingly challenging world, Gadens’ Lawyers provides practical solutions for governance and operational matters, as well as strategies to enhance the cost effectiveness of activities.
Deep knowledge of the operational framework
We bring deep understanding of the framework in which charities and not-for-profits operate.  Our team offers extensive experience gained from working with a diverse range of charitable and not-for-organisations, and from our individual lawyers’ personal commitment and involvement as directors, trustees and volunteers of several charities and not-for-profits.
Support for all areas of operation
When working with charities and not-for-profits, we advise on all aspects of their operations, from establishing new ventures and tax considerations to funding and sponsorships, risk assessments and reputation management.
Consequently, we have a multi-faceted client base that includes charitable and not-for-profit organisations in aged care and retirement, churches and other religious institutions, scientific research, health promotion, public benevolent institutions and community welfare, overseas aid and development, arts and culture, social ventures, and philanthropic trusts and foundations.
  • Setting up new organisations and tax considerations:  including charities and private and public ancillary fundraising foundations, obtaining charity status for tax concessions and deductible gift recipient status
  • Cooperation and projects:  including partnership and collaboration arrangements, internal infrastructure upgrades, amalgamations, federations, joint ventures and dissolutions
  • Dispute resolution and reputation protection:  including bequests and legacies, fraud, regulatory review
  • Funding and sponsorships:  including agreements for funding, sponsorships and government contracts
  • Governance and management:  including constitutions, membership, board control structures and organisational restructures
  • Philanthropy:  including bequests, fundraising and donor/supporter communication
  • Reporting:  including financial, governance and operational reporting requirements to regulators and donors
  • Reputation management:  including trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property rights
  • Risk assessments and management:  including disclaimers and strategies for volunteers and programs
  • Social investment and social enterprise:  including commercial activities, investment capacity building and outcomes reporting.
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