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James has more than 30 years’ experience in matters ranging from recoveries of fraudulently diverted corporate assets to the pursuit of massive loan portfolios. James assists clients who want a commercial result to use court processes where opposing parties will not negotiate.

Unfazed by stubborn opponents or difficult situations, James works with each client to identify the facts and the best and most efficient legal mechanism to recover what belongs to his client or where necessary, to defend his client from unjustified claims.

As the leader of our high volume debt recovery team in our Adelaide office, James advises Australian trading banks, credit unions and commercial landlords.


  • Enforcing a fraud judgement in California.
  • Recovering real estate diverted by defaulting directors of a major property development group.
  • Pursuing the multi-million dollar loan portfolio of a major bank for loans made for investments in a number of failed investment schemes.
  • Successfully defending a credit union against the claim of a gambling addict for losses alleged to be caused by lax credit procedures.