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Careers at Gadens

When you join Gadens, you will be working in a firm where success is determined by the character and spirit of our people.
At Gadens, everyone has a voice and your experiences, knowledge and insight will be valued and respected.  We are a place where fresh thinking and new ideas are championed daily.
We are looking for talented people who approach their work with passion and who excel at establishing quality relationships with clients and colleagues.  We value intellect, collaboration, openness, integrity, respect and excellence.  We seek independent, rigorous thinkers.
Thrive, not hide
In return, we offer you an intensely professional, yet immensely nurturing environment.  You will find Gadens to be a dynamic firm characterised by a flat management structure, quick decision-making and accessibility to our partners.
Your work will be interesting and challenging, and from day one you will have plenty of responsibility.  At Gadens, exposure to clients happens quickly.  You will be able to take the initiative and express your ideas from the outset.  You will not be working away in a back office.  Gadens is a place to thrive, not hide.
Career progression
When we all experience empowering, quality working relationships, we gain a sense of identity and self-worth.  Gadens’ work culture is positive, proactive and energetic.  We emphasise open communication and provide regular feedback.  And, when you frame this in the context of a committed mentoring program, everyone has the opportunity to rapidly develop.
We want everyone at Gadens to feel they are contributing to the success of the firm, so you will learn about the business of the firm as well as developing your skills in vital areas like self-management and communication.
Life, not just law
Fun is also strongly on the agenda.  We encourage everyone not to park their personalities at the lift door.  We believe that a lively workplace reduces stress and improves learning, productivity and creativity.
The firm provides opportunities to work in our interstate offices and secondments with some of our corporate clients.  We are also happy to explore opportunities for personal growth in disciplines outside the law that enrich your capacity to grow.
If you want to be challenged, and to have the opportunity to make a real difference, come and join us.


Gadens promotes and encourages diversity. Our aim is to fulfil our obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2012 and create an environment that caters to the needs of both men and women, thus contributing to Gadens’ strategic objectives by embedding diversity and inclusion into our business strategy and practices.

As part of the firm’s gender initiatives, we have established several initiatives that support women and their advancement throughout the firm. These are open to all women throughout the firm, regardless of position, and provide networking opportunities and access to mentors, and are championed by senior leaders of the firm.

Gadens recognises that employees may seek to work flexibly at various stages of their lives for a variety of reasons including family responsibilities, study, health, phased retirement or participation in community and volunteering activities. Gadens’ flexible work arrangements allow for changes to the time, location and manner in which an employee works. All applications are considered and supported where the arrangements are mutually beneficial to both the employer and employee.

In relation to gender diversity, Gadens has an above average ratio of female to male partners compared with other major law firms. Approximately 68% of Gadens’ overall workforce is comprised of women. Aside from partners, women form the majority of people at each level of seniority. Our priority is to encourage and track the progression of these staff members to ensure that the firm has a long-term female-friendly work environment.

Communications include firm-wide emails from the Chief Executive Officer to all partners and staff to demonstrate the importance the firm places on diversity, as well as posting regular updates on the firm’s internal news portal to keep partners and employees updated on the initiatives of the firm’s diversity working groups. Gadens actively participates in external surveys to benchmark the firm’s performance against industry standards.

Gadens recognises that, although gender inequality is a primary focus, gender is not the only basis on which people experience discrimination. Gadens fosters a working environment that is inclusionary of all people regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability and impairments. This begins with our recruitment strategies and continues through to all levels of the firm.

Gadens actively promotes its Good Working Relationships and Gender Equality Policy to all employees, with compulsory training given on a yearly basis. This is backed by suitable streams of support and elevation should any issues arise.