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Australia has always grown its economy and thrived on the back of international investment.

At Gadens, we ensure that our focus and strengths are relevant both to international investment coming into Australia and for Australian investment travelling overseas.

We recognise that what is good for the Australian economy is good for our firm and that understanding energy, decarbonisation, digital business and infrastructure is critical to meet our clients’ needs and the needs of the country too.

We advise multinationals, significant Australian corporates, private equity and private capital instituted funds and entrepreneurs on cross-border issues in and out of Australia.

We understand that we need to be intentional in our international approach in order for our clients and relationships to remain relevant in their markets. This means having cultural, as much as industry and legal, knowledge. Our partners and lawyers who have worked all over the world apply this in their practice.

Our approach is not one size fits all, it is tailored for each client and relationship. We achieve this as a truly national, independent firm captivated by no one but our clients.


Doing business in Australia

The Australian Government welcomes foreign investment. With well-developed infrastructure, a stable political environment, robust economy and easy access to Asia Pacific, Australia is an ideal investment location for foreign companies looking to grow internationally. There are important considerations for foreign investors to make when deciding on how to enter the Australian market. Whether it’s the choice between establishing a new company, registering as a foreign company or acquiring an existing company, each option has its own regulatory and tax considerations.

At Gadens we facilitate international companies entering the Australian market as well as those in Australia wanting to expand into international markets. Through the experience and expertise across the various practice areas of our firm, we welcome the opportunity to work with foreign investors in establishing and running businesses in Australia.

Our Doing Business in Australia guide provides foreign investors with an overview of the Australian business environment and practical advice on how to go about setting up and doing business in Australia. This guide serves as an overview only and should not be used as a substitute for specific legal advice on the application of Australian law.

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