Successfully managing cyber security risks

7 May 2021
Dudley Kneller, Partner, Melbourne Antoine Pace, Partner, Melbourne David Smith, Consultant, Melbourne

In today’s world cyber security has never been more critical. Keeping your data secure has become increasingly complex, with hackers doing their best to stay one step ahead.  Now more than ever before, it is important that you address cyber security risks as a key priority for your organisation.

For Privacy Awareness Week 2021, our Intellectual Property and Technology Team will help you make privacy a priority with a comprehensive checklist of actions you can take to successfully manage cyber security risks to your organisation. We cover key considerations for overall operations and ongoing actions that will ensure your business stays on top of its security requirements.

Read our full checklist below


The team at Gadens is well equipped to support you; get in touch with our team of privacy experts to assist with any queries or issues and contact Gadens eLearning team to find out more about our online privacy and security awareness compliance offerings.

Gadens is a supporter of Privacy Awareness Week 2021.

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