Meet our People

With degrees in law, media communications, and a masters of intellectual property, Lara has highly specialised expertise in online intermediary advice, defamation, competition and consumer law, intellectual property infringement, advertising and elections.

She regularly represents and advises multi-national companies and government organisations on compliance with Australian law in these areas, with a focus on advising some of the world’s leading technology and social media companies on cutting edge issues. Lara also has extensive experience in civil litigation and dispute resolution, frequently acting on highly technical applications in large, complex and multiparty commercial matters.

Lara advises on a range of commercial matters including:

  • large, complex and multiparty commercial litigation;
  • development, protection, management and enforcement of intellectual property rights;
  • breach of confidence;
  • competition and consumer law compliance;
  • misleading and deceptive conduct and copyright infringement;
  • claims of trade mark; and
  • media rights including defamation.