COVID-19 | Webinar | Stories from the Employer Frontline

15 May 2020
Siobhan Mulcahy, Partner, Melbourne Steven Troeth, Partner, Melbourne

Employers are facing significant challenges in managing their workforces through the constantly changing risk, economic and regulatory environment presenting as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

During this webinar (hosted on Thursday 14 May), our panel discussed in depth the nitty gritty of some complex real life examples playing out for employers and most importantly provide some sound advice and tips for employers facing similar challenges.

Whether you’re grappling with implementing JobKeeper flexibilities, right sizing your workforce, confused about what you can and can’t ask your people to do or planning to re-open or ramp back up, the case studies discussed during this session provide some clarity to help inform your decision making in managing your workforce.

For details of all our COVID-19 tips and updates, visit the Gadens COVID-19 Hub.



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