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Australian immigration law is complex. For an individual wanting to secure the right to live, work or operate a business in Australia, there are a number of criteria to be met in any one visa application. An understanding of both migration law and the way it is applied is vital the success of any application. Without proper assistance, the road to securing an appropriate visa can be long, time consuming and not always successful.

Business and work visas are among the most difficult to obtain; not only will the applicant be met by an extensive list of requirements, there will often be commercial drivers making it vital that applications are prepared and lodged quickly.

Our team has the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to navigate the path from initial client enquiry to grant of visa in a timely and cost effective manner. Our clients range from individuals to large international corporations, and we offer a full suite of migration services. In addition to providing visa advice, our service offering includes the conduct due diligence on migration records for compliance purposes, advising on citizen applications and advising on sponsor obligations.

Our Migration Team is complemented by practitioners with expertise across all corporate and commercial fields, including employment, taxation, corporate law, business structuring, property and asset protection. The result is a full service offering to our clients.


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