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Employment Advisory

Active across a range of sectors throughout Australia, Gadens’ Employment Advisory Team is focused on providing commercially-targeted, timely and efficient legal advice so that we can effectively deliver strategic, business-focused support for our clients. With expertise across all areas of employment law, industrial relations, occupational health and safety, we have an established track record advising across all aspects of the employment cycle from strategy and recruitment through to termination.



With specialist expertise in people management and employment law, our Employment Advisory Team has the skills and experience needed to pre-empt even the most unforeseen risks throughout the employment cycle. Working with our clients, we regularly advise in relation to employment contracts, policies and remuneration, due-diligence, restructures, discipline and dismissal, executive issues, workplace investigations and litigation including unfair dismissals, adverse action complaints, breach of contract claims and post-employment restraints. It is from this experience that we are able to develop and implement comprehensive strategies that not only ensure our clients are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations but also protect them from potential litigation.


Industrial Relations

We are committed to assisting our clients to anticipate, manage and resolve both union and employee related issues. Our team is renowned for providing the highest level of industrial relations management and support, particularly in relation to union engagement and internal stakeholder management. We regularly advise clients on Fair Work Australia matters and proceedings, legislation compliance and enterprise agreements, management of employee grievances and industrial disputes, enterprise bargaining negotiations, right of entry and rights of union and non-union members. Having acted for employers in both the public and private sectors across a range of industries, we effectively tailor our advice in such a way that ensures our clients are able to improve both their workplace structure and employment arrangements, resulting in increased productivity and guaranteed business outcomes.


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Occupational health and safety is a major risk for organisations across all industries. In addition to the intricate compliance and regulatory requirements, it is important for all organisations to take a methodical and systematic approach to minimising risks and handling incidents in the event that they may occur. Active across all industries, our highly-skilled team regularly advise in relation to risk minimisation, review and development of workplace safety policies, systems and procedures, workplace training, self-insurance and premium disputes, risk workplace reporting and safety investigations and all types of workplace prosecutions. Our focus is on developing a partnership with our clients in order to proactively manage their occupational health and safety risks. Dedicated to truly understanding our clients and their business operations means we are able to deliver tailored safety systems and procedures that meet both their legal and commercial needs and objectives.


Enterprise Bargaining

For many organisations enterprise bargaining plays an important role in achieving industrial harmony in the workplace. We have extensive experience in enterprise bargaining and have successfully helped organisations negotiate enterprise agreements on time with positive outcomes and with a minimum of disruption. The key to successful enterprise bargaining is ensuring that an organisation has a well thought out strategy. This includes the evaluation of bargaining options, comprehensive planning with a focus on stakeholder engagement and a practical understanding of the prescriptive legal framework in which bargaining is to take place.

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