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Disputes and Litigation

Recognised for our ability to handle complex and commercial disputes, our team is well regarded for our application of sound legal, forensic, investigative and evidentiary skills. With specialist expertise spanning class actions, debt recovery and alternative dispute resolution, our team has unrivalled experience in conducting proceedings, negotiations and settlements through court, mediations and arbitrations across a broad range of industries.

We understand that sometimes disputes are unavoidable – it is how they are resolved that makes the difference. Combining our practical and commercial outlook with extensive expertise, our team of lawyers deliver proven strategic planning capability and lateral thinking to reach the very best resolution for our clients in even the most difficult of circumstances.


Class Actions

Over recent years, Australia has seen a significant increase in litigation funding and shareholder class actions. Although a majority of these do not proceed to judgement, achieving pre-trial settlement requires a legal team with specialist knowledge, expertise and experience being involved in large, complex class actions. Our team of specialist lawyers has the technical knowledge and insights to identify the associated risks as well as other strategic, legal and reputational issues that can arise during a class action. Keeping ahead of the legal developments and policy changes, Gadens offers a team that can not only navigate this complex area of law but can also resolve and defend class action litigation across multiple jurisdictions.

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Alternate Dispute Resolution

Noting that every dispute is different, we work with our clients to achieve both their commercial objectives as well as optimum results. Dynamic and responsive, we take a holistic and pragmatic approach to resolving dispute matters and although we are specialist litigators, we always consider any form of alternate dispute resolution if it is to be the benefit of our clients. With an established national practice, our team is experienced in handling high level, complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes. From this experience, we have formulated specialised negotiation strategies to resolve commercial disputes through mediation, expert determination, negotiation and various other structured techniques ensuring our clients reach a cost-effective resolution each and every time.

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