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Residential Lending

As an established national provider of lending service solutions, specialising in mortgage documentation, verification and settlement, we have led the mortgage industry for over 30 years and during that time have documented over 400,000 new lending instructions and more than 200,000 discharge instructions.

We partner with many of Australia’s largest financial institutions, as well as non-bank lenders to create mortgage lending programs that address the particular needs and risk profiles of our lending clients. Our specialist expertise and consistency in documentation, from initial set-up through to every settlement has led to Gadens becoming the largest mortgage service legal provider in Australia. As a result, we have unrivalled knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry and remain at the cutting edge of regulation, e-conveyancing, e-lending and new customer identification protocols.

Our proprietary GPS Lending system provides clients with a ‘one stop shop’ for the management and tracking of all residential lending transactions, and is by major banks and lenders across Australia to provide efficient and consistent standard loan documentation. GPS Lending’s workflows ensures up to date status reporting for lenders and brokers, allowing lenders to better manage their customer experience and expectations.

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) 

Gadens was one of the first law firms to use the PEXA platform, and have been involved with PEXA since it ran the pilot project in Victoria and New South Wales. Following this pilot program, our Brisbane office started to use PEXA early on in the Queensland adoption process. Gadens now consistently processes more PEXA transactions than any other law firm. Being an early adopter of this technology as well as a long-standing and committed PEXA platform user has positioned Gadens at the forefront of industry developments and helped prepare the firm for upcoming changes in the residential lending market.

To discover how Gadens’ utilises the PEXA platform, Lawyer Aidan Brenkovich spoke about the common issues industry is facing, and what the banks and panel firms are doing to address them.


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