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Dermott is a Partner in our Disputes Group. He is an experienced litigation and arbitration practitioner having worked with clients across multiple jurisdictions and sectors.

Dermott acts for clients ranging from private equity and public companies to hedge funds and financial services clients, Dermott’s practice includes complex contentious domestic and international disputes and portfolio litigation. He is skilled in providing clients with legal solutions through conventional and innovative litigation processes and funding arrangements.

Specific experience examples

  • Advising US Asset manager on litigation funding opportunities by (1) educating the investor on litigation and arbitration process in multiple jurisdictions, including enforcement options and risks; (2) advising on appeal options in litigation and arbitration; (3) assessing multiple cases for investment in maritime, construction, property and insolvency in numerous jurisdictions; (4) developing relationships with businesses requiring funding; (5) securing commitment for investment; and (6) providing ongoing advice;
  • Acting for a director of a company against a shadow director of a multi-million dollar company;
  • Successfully challenging a legislative body over interpretation of legislation, regulations and policy;
  • Acting for a business against a receiver and manager in a multi-million dollar dispute involving secured assets, where Dermott successfully challenged the rights of the receiver and manager for various assets;
  • Acting for a business where a property valued at $14m was sold in an uncommercial transaction through a misrepresentation;

International Litigation and Arbitration:

  • Advised on the litigation processes of Australia, England, BVI, Guernsey, Jersey and Singapore (including the Singapore International Commercial Court);
  • Advised on the the domestic and international arbitration processes of LCIA, SIAC, ICC, HKIAC, and UNCITRAL (and the PCERA rules);
  • Advised the seats of arbitration in London, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong; the enforcement options available in relevant jurisdictions through litigation and arbitration (incl. the NY convention);
  • Provided advice on a number of cases requiring funding in multiple jurisdictions and sectors of maritime, construction, property and insolvency.

Dispute Resolution:

  • Acted for financial institutions and private corporations in complex, multi-million dollar commercial disputes;
  • Advised on equitable relief, litigated defaulting loans, enforced judgments, developed high volume processes (for portfolios ranging between $100m to $1bn);
  • Acted for shareholders and directors in corporate disputes including shadow director disputes;
  • Acted for creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings;
  • Successfully challenged insolvency practitioner’s claims over assets through the PPSA;
  • Successfully challenges regulatory bodies;
  • Advised on a number of partnership disputes.